I’m a firm believe that BACON makes the world better. Anything involving bacon is automatically good. Bacon by itself, bacon and eggs, bacon cheeseburger, deep fried bacon, bacon wrapped scallops, bacon wrapped shrimp, bacon wrapped filets, bacon wrapped anything, chocolate covered bacon and my new favorite maple glazed donuts coated with bacon crumbles. See what I’m saying? You can’t read that list without feeling a little bit happy. I love me some ” dirty filthy piggy strips” (a line from The Bacon Song).  Even turkey bacon is alright by me. Anything bacon but this……..

CHICKEN BACON a.k.a. CHICKEN JERKY a.k.a. FLAVORLESS STRIPS of MECHANICALLY SEPERATED CHICKEN PARTS! I found a package in my freezer (I think it was a free sample) and decided to try it this morning. I was hankering for a bacon,egg and cheese sandwich. Note to self, just because it has the word bacon on the packaging doesn’t mean the product will have any semblance to the real deal. I think the paper towel would have been a better choice. The only thing that saved my sandwich was adding bacon drippings to the pan, frying an egg in it, adding salt, pepper, cheese, and a lot of mayo (after throwing out the “bacon”).

On a lighter note, I’m considering this for halloween:


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