A few co-workers and I were talking today about some of the crazier customers we have dealt with over the years. One of my personal favorites was a woman who went bazonko we she found out we were out of potato soup during one of her regular Wed. afternoon visits. The owner had forgotten to order it, so we were serving brocolli and cheddar instead. When informed that we weren’t serving potato soup, the woman pushed her table back, knocking everything off of it and proceeded to scream “HOW CAN YOU BE OUT OF POTATO SOUP!?! WHO RUNS OUT OF POTATO SOUP!?! DID YOU HEAR THAT!?! (To the table next to her) THEY’RE OUT OF POTATO SOUP!!” Next thing we know she’s rage exiting out the front door. Now you would think this kind of behavior would have the staff riled up. Not so much. Once you’ve worked in the service industry, very little takes you by surprise. So while the woman’s table was being reset, I headed to the back room for some supplies. All of a sudden there is a big BOOM!  and the building shakes. Several of the cinderblocks on one of the walls have been pushed into the room about 3 inches. I looked out the side door just in time to see Potato Soup Woman drive off with half her bumper hanging off. She had rammed her car in reverse, striking the vehicle behind her, causing that vehicle to accordion into the building. We called the police and they came out and took a report. About 2 hours later the same officers came back in laughing and told us they had found the woman. She had driven to Wal-Mart and called in to 911 that someone had backed into her car in the parking lot there. Nice. All over pre-packaged potato soup. Sound crazy? Not so much.


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