I hate reading crap like this. Reviews like this one do a great disservice to the staff of the restaurant. Do the so called reviewers stop to think about the effects their personal opinion will have on the jobs of these workers? Here’s a note I posted to Lindsey Nair’s blog, The Fridge Magnet, concerning this particular “review”:

Lindsey, Please let me first apologize in that this comment has nothing to do with this post. I tried the e-mail route, but apparently I have to re-configure my Microsoft Outlook in order to access your e-mail. I’ll have to wait for my Geek Squad to arrive home from work in order to slay that dragon.

This morning I read a restaurant review of Hilton’s Great American Grill written by David Gray, Special to The Roanoke Times. Lindsey, how are these reviewers selected? Are there any rules or criteria that they are required to adhere to? Shouldn’t they experience the different services on more than one occasion? Why would a reviewer,Special to The Roanoke Times, write favorably about their Dinner experience and then advise people not to patronize the restaurant. But,on the flip side,after having an unpleasant experience in the morning, recommend people go for Breakfast? These types of unprofessional reviews should be reserved for Yelp, not published in an accredited publication. By suggesting that the public forgo Dinner at Hilton’s, even though the food and ambiance were good, does a great disservice to the hardworking chef and cooks at this establishment.

If sales drop off because of this newspaper reviewer’s unwarranted and unprofessional recommendation, people will lose their jobs. All because Mr. Gray couldn’t get a second cup of coffee and had to get his own check. It’s interesting that he was the only one having trouble getting refills and his check. His words, not mine.

Lindsey, your columns and blog have always been fair and balanced and I always enjoy reading them. You set the bar high. It’s a shame that The Roanoke Times sees fit to publish in the same Plateup section such unprofessional,my-feelings-got-hurt personal rants by “reviewers” such as Mr. Gray.

And people wonder why the independent restaurants have such a challenging time staying open. Thank you for letting me vent.

Comment by s.m.armstrong — October 25, 2012 @ 4:59 pm


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