Amazingly, I have worked with cooks who don’t have as much imagination or enthusiasm as this fellow. I love me some chili-cheese dip and I like this guy.

For those who want it -recipe is as follows:

Mix this


with this


and microwave 4 minutes. Voila, goopy goodness!


Seriously though, there are cooks out there who would have to have their hands held to get through this recipe. So many of the young ones just starting out don’t have even a basic grasp of the fundamentals of cooking. Most have never spent any time in the kitchen growing up. I asked a young guy one time to wrap potatoes for baking and later found them in the oven covered in melted plastic wrap. Had another newbie who had turned the fryer up too high and decided to cool it down with ice. That was a fun clean up. It’s the little, common sense things that make you shake your head and want to slap their parents for sending them unprepared into the world. Things like: yes, you cover the blender before turning it on; no, whole eggs don’t go into the microwave; yes, the floor is like ice when you don’t clean up the oil you spilled; no, buttermilk isn’t butter and milk; yes, that’s the can opener (never used one I take it?); no, I don’t want to see you juggle the knives. You get what I’m saying. Parents, get your kids into the kitchen and teach them some basics. Please.


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