Did you say Thai spicy?

 Not to challenge this news report, but I’m thinking this guy might have had an existing albeit, unknown, medical condition. I’ve worked with too many Thai and Lao who can eat habenaros like they’re popcorn and have never had any stomach problems. Apparently the Thai have iron coated innards compared to the Chinese. Tickles me when customers ordering food say “you can’t make it hot enough for me”. Uh, yes we can. Problem then is the food is too spicy and the red-faced, teary eyed customer with snot running down their face wants a replacement dish or wants it comped. If the dish doesn’t bring them to the aforementioned state of misery you’ll read about it the next day on Yelp: “I asked for Thai spicy and they barely brought me to a sniffle. Not authentic Thai in my opinion. I would recommend any other Thai restaurant in town.” Got a tip for you. Thai people order as is from the menu and then spice it up at the table. Everyone has a different idea of what is spicy. I’ll bet that my idea of Thai spicy is much different from yours.

                                                                                                                        According to The Daily Mail:                                                                         Spiciest soup on the menu burns hole through Chinese man’s stomach lining

  • The 26-year-old male vomited blood after  eating traditional mala soup
  • Doctors at hospital in Wuhan decided soup  had burned through stomach
  • Man had no history of ulcers or other  gastrointestinal disorders
Doctors in China were left dumbfounded when  they discovered a hole in a man’s stomach wall after he ate a notoriously spicy  bowl of soup.

The 26-year-old unnamed male had consumed a  mala soup, meaning ‘numbing hot’, a traditional Chinese dish.

After choosing the spiciest version of the  dish from the menu, the man soon experienced a piercing pain in his stomach.

Deadly: After consuming a dish of mala soup, the 26-year-old male was admitted to hospital in Wuhan, China. Doctors concluded that the notoriously spicy soup had burned a hole through his stomachDeadly: After consuming a dish of mala soup, the  26-year-old male was admitted to hospital in Wuhan, China. Doctors concluded  that the notoriously spicy soup had burned a hole through his stomach

The unlucky customer soon found himself  vomiting blood before being rushed to a local hospital in Wuhan.

Despite having no medical history of ulcers  or other gastrointestinal disorders, doctors concluded that the spicy soup had  burned a hole through his stomach wall.

According to a report on Japanese site Rocket News  24, 15 per cent of incidents  involving stomachs at the hospital are related to hot pot dishes.

The traditional Chinese dish is prepared  using Sichuan pepper, a local spice, and chilli pepper/

The combination is known to cause a numbing  sensation when consumed.

Most restaurants serving the dish offer it  with varying degrees of spiciness.

According to local reports, many Chinese restaurants have begun to replace the natural, more expensive ingredients in hot pot dishes for cheaper, synthetic additives that replicate the spiciness.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2253881/Doctors-hole-mans-stomach-orders-spiciest-soup-menu-Chinese-restaurant.html#ixzz2GOB8QGNG Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


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