Most of the time, not so much. The noise in the kitchen can be deafening at times. During the rush, the combined noise of the hood system, dish machine, people talking, yelling, cursing and the clanging of pans and spatulas can be a bit maddening. It gets even better when you top it off with this:

The megadeath “music” doesn’t really translate to a feel good kitchen. But the younger guys like it. After all, they really are an angry generation. Or so they tell me as they are walking out the door to party the night away. Living with your parents can be brutal.

Some of us prefer this:

Everyone, front and back of the house, seems to enjoy the shift more when the music is a bit more lighthearted.

Of course you can never go wrong with this:

The only problem is getting the waitstaff to stop dancing and run their food.

At the Thai restaurant, the head chef is obsessed with:

We hear it about 30 times a shift. Mainly though we have this type of music playing in the background:

Different strokes for different folks.


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