Praise the Lord or Pass the loot. You decide. The full story behind this c.c. slip can be found here.


Now, this customer happens to be a minister with her own church. Not only did she stiff the server and use God as an excuse, she then called Applebees and wanted everyone fired after the reciept was posted to Reddit. She did manage to get the server fired. Applebees really dropped the ball on this one.

Not too long ago one of our customers wrote on their c.c. slip that “the cooks are assholes!”. The lady had sent her sandwich back because the chicken wasn’t blackened enough. The sandwich was re-made and sent back out immediately. Yet, she still felt it necessary to stiff the server and leave a note. Funny thing is; it was the owner who made her sandwich both times.

While we are on the subject of tithing and tipping, a few years ago I was managing a restaurant that had all-you-can-eat spaghetti on Wed. nights. We had a regular party of 30-40 ppl. from a local church’s singles group that would come in every week. This restaurant was fairly small; we could seat 60 push come to shove. The singles group always wanted the tables pushed end to end so they could all eat together. Pretty much took over the whole restaurant. They would stay for 2-3 hours and run the waitstaff to death. Remember, it was all you-can-eat. Gotta shovel in as much as possible. Anyway, each person in the group would leave a .50-.75 cent tip to be split between two servers. Not only were they not decent tippers, but the majority of them were rude and demanding. After several weeks of this (and the servers refusing to take them) the owner finally let us charge a 15% gratuity to their checks. The first night we charged the tip the group leader demanded to speak to the manager. His exact words to me were “We don’t even tithe 15%, why should we have to tip that much?” My reply was that Jesus doesn’t have to make a living but my servers do. Most of them stopped coming on a regular basis. Those who did still show up were the ones who were nice to begin with.


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