Who doesn’t have a phone!?!


This past Sunday I received a text that read “Got something for you to blog about. Roller Derby Team comes in with 30+ people without calling ahead.” I just chuckled. There wasn’t anything I could do, it was already over with. For the record, I live a block away from that particular restaurant. If the derby team had given a little heads up that they were coming, the restaurant staff could have been in a better position to handle the onslaught.

The next day when I talked to the cook who sent the text he said the derby team started getting bitchy because it was taking too long for their food to come out. They wanted free munchies to hold them over. Then they asked to speak to the manager, who happened to be one of the only two cooks in the kitchen. That put the kitchen even further behind.

When groups come in like this unannounced it’s a no win situation for everyone. The restaurant suddenly becomes understaffed and unprepared. Customers, not associated with the group, come in and have to wait too long for service and food. If you try to feed the two top that came in the door right behind the large group all hell breaks loose. “Why did they get their food before us. We were here first. Blah, Blah, Blah!” NEVER FAILS. Why do I say never? Because the customers have never proved us wrong on this point.

People, please have the courtesy to call ahead and give us a head’s up. Everyone carries a phone these days. Pre-schoolers carry phones. There are no excuses. Help us make it a win-win situation for everyone.


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