Ol’ Wall O’ Beer

Recently we gave the walk-in a top to bottom scrubbing and re-arranged some of the shelving for easier access to the food. In the prior set-up, all of the bottled beer was on the left side and rear of the cooler while the food was on the right. This arrangement put the food in the back half out of reach for the cooks. A major pain in the ass on truck day. It also made one whole bottom shelf un-usable. So we took the cleaning as an opportunity to rectify that situation. Now all of the food is located on both sides in the front. So much easier!
Well, you know the bartenders weren’t liking that. Now THEY have to reach beyond the ol’ wall o’ beer. Apparently a major inconvenience for their pampered little butts. It isn’t as if they have to rotate the beer when it comes in; the delivery guys do that for them. One of the bartenders went so far as to tell us (cooks) “The alcohol is what makes the money here” to which I replied “Yes, but you can’t sell the alcohol without the food”. Swing batter, batter, swing. I told them if they wanted it switched back they could do it the next time THEY cleaned the cooler. Like that’s going to happen.

This is what the walk-in looks like now. Nice!


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