Thou doth protest too much!

Watch this news video about fast food workers demanding $15.00 an hour:

What part of “entry-level job” or “unskilled labor” are these people not understanding? What skills or special knowledge do they possess to justify starting off at $15.00 an hour? I see they are fairly adept at holding a sign. Perhaps they could get a job with a road crew holding one of those signs temporarily halting traffic. They usually start out at $10.00 an hour. But even for that you have to take a class and be certified.
How about the people who have been in the restaurant and retail business for years and have worked their way up to 10-15 dollars after starting out at $3 or $4 an hour. How’s that going to go over with them. We worked 2 and 3 jobs to pay our bills until we could work our way up to better paying positions. Or we went to school or we learned a trade.
Oh, you’re a single parent trying to “make a living”? Should have thought about that before deciding to have children. Why would you become a parent if you can’t even support yourself? Seems pretty selfish. But then again this whole protest seems pretty selfish. Restaurants operate on a very slim profit margin. Raising wages that drastically will only serve to shut down these businesses, leaving more people unemployed. Those who stay open will have to raise the price of their product and fewer people will be able to afford to eat there. Not exactly a win-win situation.
Want more money? Get some training, a bit of education. Make yourself more valuable. Stop asking for what you don’t deserve. The reporter said these people only make $8.25 an hour. Guess what? They aren’t making a dime standing outside protesting. And they are costing their place of employment business. Not exactly helping their situation, are they?


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