Saturday. We have a couple of reservations for our outdoor areas. Our gaming area was reserved by a 15 top for 1 in the afternoon. They showed up as scheduled and began setting up for their party. A few moments later 4 people came in and went directly to the gaming area bypassing any of the employees. When they got out on the court and saw the party they became upset and directly confronted the other people asking “What are you doing here?”. The server who was out with the scheduled party told the 4 top that the 15 top had reserved the area and asked if she could seat them elsewhere. The small group completely ignored the server and very aggressively confronted the 15 top. Said they have been coming here every Saturday for years and that they have a standing reservation.

This is where I stepped in and was about to ask the 4 to come back inside the restaurant and see if we could accommodate them in any other way, when the lady who had made the 15’s reservation nicely offered to share the area with the 4. The people in the large party started moving their things to the back-end of the courts. The 4 top, without so much as a thank you, spread their personal stuff (coats, purses, etc) out over 3 of our 6 tables. Two 4 tops and a 6 top. Fourteen seats for 4 people! That left 14 seats for the 15 top. Again the lead lady for the 15 told the server not to worry about it because not everyone would be sitting until they got ready to eat and they could just squeeze together on the picnic table.

The lady was being so nice about everything that we sent out some free appetizers and made certain their food was “above and beyond” our normal offerings. They ended up staying quite a while and spending a lot of money. They also treated their server really well. The 4 top, on the other hand, stayed for about and hour and a half, ordered 1 quesadilla, two soft drinks, two waters, and they tipped $2 dollars.

The 15 top was a group of young adults who said they had a great experience despite the other group and would definitely be back. They cleaned up and thanked everyone before they left. Class.

The 4 top, who it turns out hadn’t been to the restaurant since last summer, were all in their 60’s. They left a mess of napkins and dropped quesadilla and said they would be speaking to the owner about “this situation”. Crass.


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