Best BBQ Ever!

This past Saturday we ran a wrap special which consisted of seasoned rice, pork pattie, onion straws, lettuce and our queso blanco. We were half-way thru a very busy lunch when one of the servers came into the kitchen to tell us a customer would like to know how we make our bbq. I told the server to relay that the recipe was a secret and that we could only divulge it under penalty of death. The server came straight back and said that the table jokingly insisted on speaking to the chef. Since they were being so good-natured and we had a slight lull in the chaos, I went out to meet the table.

Turned out to be a family; mom, dad, couple of kids. The guy said they were from N. Carolina and that he was known around home for his bbq and smoked pork but that ours was the best he had ever tasted. His wife jumped in and started bragging about the magic he made with his “Egg”. It was kinda sweet. Anyway, I was about to give up our secret ingredient when I noticed that what he was eating wasn’t bbq but the special wrap with the pork pattie. I didn’t want to embarrass the guy in front of his family, so I tried switching gears and started talking about how Carolina vinegar based sauce was my personal favorite. All of a sudden he gets this huge Cheshire cat smile on his face, like he had just solved a huge mystery, and says ” that’s what I’m tasting in this. It’s vinegar, right?” Yea, no. All I could think to say was “you got me”. Both he and his wife, who was now looking at him like he was some kind of all knowing culinary god, were beaming. Sometimes you just gotta throw em a bone.

This is the “bbq” he was talking about. That’s right. Good ol Mickey D’s mystery meat. Gotta love the Foodies.


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