Treed by an angry chihuahua

Last week, while my two main rival sales reps happened to be on vacation (but not together. yea, right! Wink! Wink!), we brought in a new supplier. We did this purely for the monetary savings and incentives offered. It’s only good business to shop around for the better prices. Nickels and dimes make all the difference in this business.

One of my reps, who is more than a wee bit competitive and a whole lot territorial, found out about it before I had a chance to break the news. Personally I would like to have been in open territory with many avenues of egress. Alas, I was cornered in the wait station when I looked up and saw all 5′-3″ of this coming at me:


I threw her a bone and managed to escape almost unscathed. My crew certainly enjoyed the entertainment.

You are still my favorite rep, Gretchen!


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