Every kitchen has one…

…one of those cooks who tends to be abnormally accident prone. You know the one. If there is an errant piece of shred cheddar on the floor, they will find it and end up on their asses. The one who will grab the smoking hot pan handle every time, and hold on. The one who will get a cut wrapping something in foil and practically bleed out. The one who always tries to catch a falling knife (and you know how that ends). Our guy’s name is Michael.

Michael is a good cook, talented sushi artist, hard-working, dependable, and all around likable dude. He just happens to always be on the receiving end of any and all injurious events that occur in the kitchen. Like this one sustained while plastic wrapping food. Keep in mind the box of wrap came equipped with a safety zip slide cutter in place of the traditional metal teeth.


Here’s a picture of the scar he ended up with after stabbing himself in the chest with a chef’s knife while trying to open a gallon jug of mayo. One inch wide by one inch deep right between the nipples. He had to take a ride with the paramedics for that one.

And that is what precluded the following instructions being placed on the 86 board recently when he decided to hop on the slicer and knock out some prep.


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