“Think your kitchen can handle us?”

Let me set this up for you: Monday thru Friday lunches we run 1 server, 1 bartender (who takes tables), 2 cooks and a dishwasher. Our restaurant seats @ 100 people, inside and out. This past Friday we were slammed, packed to the hilt. Everything was rolling along. Food was flowing. FOH was on point. Couldn’t have been a smoother lunch service. We were all commenting on what a good day it was, when “they” appeared at the front door. A group of 14. No reservation. No calling ahead. No nothing.

“Think your kitchen can handle us?” They seemed rather amused by the fact that we were being caught off-guard. That is until the realization set in that we had no room to seat them. Did I mention they had 4 whiny, apparently about to starve, children with them?

After a bit of waiting, we managed to arrange enough seating out on the deck. For the next hour, they ran our server to death. He wasn’t able to break free to service other tables. The cooks ended up running food and busing tables to help out.

After rearranging the deck and pulling tables together (not easy with patio furniture and huge umbrellas), devoting all of his attention to them, cleaning up the mess the kids and adults made, this was his reward for excellent service:

Not even 15%.


4 thoughts on ““Think your kitchen can handle us?”

  1. I’m sorry. They basically chipped in $1.21/person as the tip. Restaurant Team, you were just way out of their league. If only you could legally just make that an educational deduction.

  2. Unfortunately, 15-20 tops walking in without any kind of head’s up is the norm these days. People just don’t think to call ahead anymore. They don’t seem to realize how much of a disruption in service it causes. A disruption that affects everyone, including the other customers. As for the tip; we could see that one coming the moment the group walked through the door. The server still gave them his best.

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