Et tu, Thursday?

09:00 Arrive at work. First of two trucks has already dropped off product and is leaving the lot.

09:01 Say my good mornings to the owner, who in return says “Good morning. Did you guys clean the floor last night before leaving?”. Interesting question.

09:02 Begin to understand his line of thought after walking to the kitchen and into ankle-deep greasy water. Apparently the drains had backed up again after closing last night. I assume it was after closing. You never know what the bartenders are going to leave you.

09:03 Owner tells me that a plumber is on the way. Turd-Busters. No, really. That’s the name of the company. They are the self-proclaimed Poo Poo Gurus. Can you see where my day is headed?

09:05 I place a phone call to Magic Mike. He’s my right hand man. My go-to guy. Beg him to come in and give us a hand with clean up and prep. Tell him I’m willing to give him my first-born. He says yes, but keep the kid.

09:07 I begin to put the first truck up and realize that I have to go into the walk-in. I’m a little gun-shy after yesterday’s dressing fiasco. I open the door and carefully check the floor for any errant dressing cups. Nothing. All’s clear.

09:07.5 Step into the walk-in and immediately knock over an entire tray of dressings. They roll everywhere. I seriously contemplate rage quitting and looking for another line of work. Fortunately, none of them spilled open. Lady Luck is toying with me.

10:00 Second cook, Magic Mike, and the plumber arrive. Second cook and I get to work on opening duties while Magic Mike starts the mini-tsunami clean up. He and the Shop-Vac become one. It’s a thing of beauty.

10:30 My phone rings. It’s the sales rep whose life I saved yesterday. He’s calling to tell me his driver has been held up and is running late. Running late on Burger Thursday. Our second busiest day of the week. This is not boding well. My burgers are on that truck.

10:45 Plumber is finishing up with blowing out the drains. While he’s here I have him fix a couple of leaks. Two birds with one stone, baby! Two birds.

11:10 First customers arrive twenty minutes before we open. With a child. Here we go again.

11:15 The late “burger” truck arrives. Fifteen minutes before start of service. We scramble to get the truck put away and start prepping burgers for lunch. We serve a lot of burgers on Thursday. A lot.

11:30 The stampede begins. The restaurant fills up and we are off and running.

12:00 Magic Mike finishes the last of the mini-tsunami clean up effort and leaves. He has to be back tonight for his dish shift.

12:05 Getting our butts stomped. My phone rings. It’s a text message. I ignore it.

14:30 I check my text messages. The sick cook from the previous night has gone to the doctor’s and been advised to take off from work for a couple of days. Can’t work his shift tonight. Something about severe dehydration, i.v. fluids, heart monitors, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. What ever happened to the good old days when people would work while puking into the trash can next to their station?

14:35 Second cook volunteers to cover the shift tonight but only if he can dish. The cook’s love their dish shifts. It’s a nice break from the line.

14:36 Call Magic Mike and inform him of what’s going on. He agrees to the switch. Love that guy.

15:00 Send second cook off to take a break before his pick-up shift tonight.

15:30 First wave of night shift arrives. I get them caught up on the day’s events. We go over the special burger of the day. The Apollo 11. That’s right, a deep-fried moon pie bacon burger. Don’t ask. It’s actually good. We sold several at lunch.

17:00 Leave for the day. Turn off my phone as I am walking out the door.

All in all, not a bad day.


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