They call me Tater Salad.

Love Ron White’s comedy. Hate potato salad. This past Saturday night we introduced the world to our new line of barbecue. Well, actually it was an event to showcase our boss’s new bbq and smoking business. We dedicated the nightly special to smoked pork butt, spare-ribs and chicken. Of course, we can’t forget the sides; slaw, baked beans, mac-n-cheese and POTATO SALAD. Fifty, that’s right, 50 pounds of potato salad were made for the event. Fifty pounds of potato salad that didn’t get sold. Not one serving went out the door. Why? There was no sign of it on the special menu. It was accidentally left off. So now every special we’ve done since Saturday has potato salad involved somehow. Deep fried tater salad, anyone? Anyone?

Did I mention that the kitchen wasn’t given a copy of the bbq menu until 10 minutes before service? Or that the FOH barely had a 30 minute heads up on training the staff to input the orders. Or that there were approximately 100 people sitting in the dining room and on the patio, all of whom were waiting for 5:00 to order bbq? If you look up CLUSTERFUCK in the dictionary, you will actually see a picture of our kitchen at 5:05 PM on August 30, 2013. Go ahead, look it up. It’s not pretty.

The good news is, despite the utter chaos in the kitchen, the customers were very happy. They loved the food and were happy with the service. They wanted to know when the next event was going to be. Well folks, as soon as the mental health crisis team finishes with the kitchen crew, we might be ready for another go around. Might be. Maybe. We’ll see.

I didn’t get photos of the food. But, here are a few before chaos consumed the kitchen. I did include a photo of one of the uses we came up with for the potatoes.

A pig’s worst nightmare.

The Boss and his new pride and joy.

Applewood, I do believe.

The Summer Salad Trio: Apricot Chicken Salad, Red Potato Salad, and Fresh Fruit Salad
DSCN4700 - Copy


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