Cage fighting…

… is a love fest compared to two alpha cooks trying to share the same space. After muddling through a few rough patches, we have found some smooth ground while trying to assimilate the work load of two separate food businesses into one very small kitchen. The bbq has been a well received addition to our weekly special’s line-up and having the smoker in the parking lot really helps to draw the neighborhood in. We still have a way to go as far as smoothing feathers in the kitchen, but it’s getting there.

Congratulations is in order to The Lick BBQ & Company for their big win yesterday at the Oak Barrel Blues Festival in Roanoke, Virginia. After only 3 weeks in business, The Lick crew took home awards for Best Ribs, Best Pulled Pork, and Best Overall Showing. Go to their Facebook page to see pictures of the event.

In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for pics of the practice rounds:


A little love rub.









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