The Craziness Continues…

… to snowball. Not only are our restaurant sales up, but the bbq business has really taken off. This past weekend had the smokin’ crew at two events and we had our usual football weekend madness. This coming weekend we are prepping for the Grandin Chillage which will host 1,500-2,000 people.

This is what my walk-in looks like this morning:


There are 13 kegs in the back. Tell me that’s not a good time having to change them out.


Tomorrow I am getting in 2 trucks worth of product and this is how much space I have left to work with:

So please be patient with the irregular posting schedule of late. If you don’t see any posts for awhile, Ive probably gotten crushed by a keg putting my trucks up.

****A bit of clarification: That’s bbq rub on the boxes, not blood.


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