Give them an inch….

I work at a restaurant that is located in a very “granola” neighborhood. People are always out walking, pushing strollers, and stopping to chat with each other. Lots of young couples. Lots of artsy types. Lots of vegetarians. We are just around the corner from the Natural Foods co-op. With-in a two block radius there is an old-style movie theater, a couple of restaurants, an ice cream parlor, a cupcake shop, a coffee shop, a book-store, a hardware store, yoga studio, art studio, ballet school and a grocery store. It’s kinda Stepford Wives-ish in the way it’s so self-contained.

Recently we started to offer a few new dishes to appease our vegetarian customers. We have always had a couple of items and just wanted to expand the options available. So we added a hummus appetizer and entree and a veggie-burger. We now even have turkey bacon (bacon blasphemy).

How happy did this make our plant-eating patrons? Apparently not happy enough. The feed-back I am getting now is:How about wheat-free? How about gluten-free? Do you have any dairy-free options for the lactose intolerant? Give them an inch….

Our hummus platter:


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